The benefits of ligature-resistant furniture in mental health

Each day behavioral health centers strive to create an environment that is safe, comfortable and welcoming for both patients and employees . Creating and designing this kind of environment is not easy. The supervision of the room’s occupants and its risk factor will determine whether or not ligature-resistant furniture is required. Quality ligature resistant furniture can reduce these risks, and offer many benefits to mental health facilities in creating comfortable and healing environments. Learn more about the various benefits of this furniture type.

What is ligature-resistant furniture?

Furniture designed for ligature resistance is intended to reduce the number of ligature points, which could lead to patient harm. This type of furniture has ligature resistant features such as smooth edges, the ability to bolt or weight down and tamper proof hardware.

The Features That Resist Ligature

You should take into consideration two major factors when searching for furniture that is ligature resistant: The material and the style. To prevent any danger, the material must be strong and almost unbreakable. Rotationally molded polyethylene is an example of high-quality material. Cortech USA manufactures all behavioral health furniture using high-impact polyethylene to increase strength and durability. We design all our furniture without sharp corners, dangerous edges or seams that may harm patients or staff. Other features include the use of comfortable designs, adding weight to the floor or using bolts, as well as easy cleaning.

Support Staff & Patients

Increased safety is the main advantage of ligature resistant furniture for mental health facilities. Patients and staff will be less injured when high-quality materials and carefully designed designs are combined.

Three helpful tips for choosing the right prison furniture

It takes patience and consideration to find and choose the best correctional furniture. Comfort and relateability are important, as well as durability and safety. These tips will help you choose the best prison furniture.

1. Secure and Tamper-Proof

To ensure safety for the staff and inmates, all prison furniture should be durable and safe. Cortech USA’s corrections furniture was designed and constructed with durability in mind. Our furniture is made of “no break” materials such as high impact polyethylene and equipped with hardware that prevents tampering. They are also resistant to the fabrication of lethal weapons, as they’re durable and tamper proof. This type of furniture is durable and can withstand regular usage.

2. Material that is Easy to Clean

When choosing prison furniture, another tip is to choose materials that are easy to clean. Fabrics and metal are materials to avoid as they can be difficult to maintain. Our corrections chairs and beds are infused with antimicrobial CORx compound, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria between cleanings. You can disinfect surfaces with a simple wipe, towel or cleaning solution.

3. Designs that are resistant to ligatures

Furniture that is ligature resistant in correctional facilities is essential for safety, well-being and the comfort of staff and occupants. It is essential to have designs with the correct downward angles, smooth, rounded corners and edges. The rotational molding process allows us to produce furniture that meets these requirements while avoiding seams and joints, where possible contraband can be concealed.

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing furniture for correctional facilities. Contact Cortech USA or visit our website today. Our customer service representatives and sales reps are ready to help you.

What to do about Ligature Threats in Correctional Facilities

The goal of correctional facilities is to create comfortable, safe and secure environments, which encourage positive behavior. There are many design and safety considerations to be made because occupants may experience psychological issues. In order to keep people safe, it is important that spaces are designed in a way that minimizes ligature risk.

Assessment of Physical Environment

Examine the environment for any objects or fixtures that could pose ligature risk. It is particularly important to do this in areas that are not regularly supervised such as sleeping rooms. Mattresses, curtains and rails for showers, lights, electrical switches, door locks, lighting fixtures, and toilets are all important features that should be evaluated. Removing any fixtures or objects that may serve as an anchor point for strangulation or hanging is important.

Installation of ligature-resistant furniture

The risk to occupants of furniture that is broken down into several pieces or parts increases when compared with polyethylene, which can be molded in one piece. One-piece, highly durable furniture, such as Cortech USA’s molded polyethylene beds, desks, tables and chairs have smooth and rounded edges. They will not crack or be used to make lethal weapons. The furniture can be installed by bolting it to the wall or floor with tamper proof hardware.

Check Regularly

Regular inspections of each room is the last and most effective method to minimize ligature risk in prison environments. Inspections regularly will prevent hazardous situations, and help ensure the safety of occupants as well as staff.

What Safety is Important in Behavioral Healthcare Furniture

Furniture for behavioral health must have safety features built in to address the challenges that are unique within these settings. The most essential features are “no break” materials that do not have seams, joints or other joins. Also important is a ligature resistant design with round corners and edges. Find out why behavioral health furniture must be safe.

Create An Environment For Healing

Behavioral health centers place a high priority on creating environments that encourage healing and wellbeing. Behavioral health facilities use furniture and décor that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as safe to be used continuously. Cortech USA offers a wide range of chairs for behavioral health care that are made with flame retardant, “no break” polyethylene. We also offer calming colors. All of our furniture is manufactured as a single piece with smooth corners and edges. This helps to avoid ligature and safety issues. Both patients and staff can use our chairs safely and comfortably every day.

Take Care of Your Health And Cleanliness

The design of a behavioral health facility should include a comfortable space for relaxation, while taking into consideration hygiene and sanitation. Cortech USA’s rotating molded furniture has been designed to be comfortable and is constructed without seams or joints. This feature prevents liquids and bodily fluids penetrating or diffusing into furniture. Staff can disinfect and clean the piece quickly and easily.

Protecting Patients and Staff

Safety is important in furniture for behavioral health because it protects both patients and staff. Cortech USA uses safety features to ensure patients can’t harm themselves, or anyone else. We produce furniture that is suitable for all occupants.

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