“Be open to his voice resounding in the depths of your heart: even now his heart is speaking to your heart”

-Pope Benedict XVI, Sep 18, 2010, Beatification of Cardinal Newman

Religious Orders of Women

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Religious Orders of Women

Here we have collected a list of religious orders of women who are working in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. You may wish to contact them directly to get more specific information or you may want to contact Sr. Marlene Weidenborner, OSF who serves as our local liason for women interested in religious life. You can email Sr. Marlene at smw@dosp.org or call her at (727) 344-1611 ext. 5375.


If you wish to receive the current Guide to Religious Ministries, a comprehensive guide of all religious orders in the United States, you may e-mail the Vocations Office at spvocation@dosp.org and we will be happy to send you one free of charge. Please include your name and correct mailing address or you can click on the link above for the interactive online version.


Benedictine Sisters of Florida (OSB)

Contact: Sister Mary David, OSB, Vocation Minister

Phone Number: (352) 588-8444

E-mail Address: mary.david.hydro@saintleo.edu

Web Site: www.benedictinesistersoffl.org

Description: The Benedictine Sisters of Florida, the only Motherhouse of Sisters in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, is a monastic community of women seeking God together in a life of prayer and ministry. Our prayer life is centered in Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours, and Lectio divina. Our ministries depend on local needs and the gifts of the Sisters. Our prayer overflows in ministries that express our corporate commitment to respond to the hungers of the people of God: education, retreats, spiritual direction, hospitality, and direct service to the poor. Presently there are 15 sisters who seek God together in community, praise God through prayer/ministry, and listen with the ear of the heart to the Spirit's call into the future. Interested single, Catholic women 20-50 something, may learn about the Benedictine Sisters by checking the webpage www.benedictinesistersoffl.org.


Daughters of Charity (DC)

Contact: Sr. Elizabeth Greim, DC

E-mail Address: dcvoc@doc.org

Web Site: www.thedaughtersofcharity.org

Phone Number: (410) 646-2074

Description: The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul is an International Community of women who take as their motto THE CHARITY OF CHRIST URGES US to answer unmet neds of those most marginalized. We are called to Love God through Service of Others in a Community of prayer, life in common and our active apostolic works. The Emmitsburg, MD Province covers the coastal states from Maryland to Florida (including West Virginia). We invite women to journey with us and to grow in Vincentian Spirituality.


Dominican Sisters (OP)

Description: Founded by St. Dominic in the middle ages, Dominican Sisters work in a wide variety of areas including pastoral work, health care, education, social work, community development, retreats, campus ministry, counseling, law, and medicine.


Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Michigan

Contact: Sister Carleen Maly,OP

E-mail Address: voc@adriansisters.org

Web Site: www.adriansisters.org


Dominican Sisters of Ackron, Ohio

Contact: Sister Bernadine Baltrinic, O.P.

E-mail Address: btbaltrinic@akronop.org

Web Site: www.akronop.org

Description: Akron Dominican women are Bearers of the Word for our world, called to be Preachers of Grace in all we are and do. We continue the Dominican charism of preaching through a variety of ministries-as retreat/spiritual directors, elementary and high school teachers, college professors, nurses, ecologists, pastoral ministers in hospitals and parishes, directors of adult development services, caregivers in prisons and battered women shelters, directors of hunger centers. All that we are and do-pray, study, our communal living-is for the sake of the Holy Preaching of the Gospel.


Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, New York

Contact: Sr. Theresa Lardner, OP

E-mail Address: vocation@opblauvelt.org

Web Site: www.opblauvelt.org

Description: We were founded in 1878 to care for homeless and orphaned children. Presently we serve in a variety of ministries including social services, education, health care, and pastoral ministry. Our mission is to preach the good news of the compassionate love of God for every person, but with a special consciousness and presence to people who are poor. As followers of St. Dominic our spirituality is centered on contemplating God's word and sharing it with others.


Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs, Ohio

Contact: Sister Margie Davis, OP

E-mail Address: mdavis@columbusdominicans.org

Web Site: www.columbusdominicans.org

Description: We began in frontier America back in 1830 and trace our roots to the first foundation of North American Dominican women established in 1822 and led by Angela Sansbury of Cartwright Creek, Kentucky. Today we are a Dominican Congregation of Roman Catholic Sisters and Associates with over 470 members. As Dominicans our mission is to PREACH THE GOSPEL. You will find us doing that in many ways (from the pulpit to education, social work, pastoral ministries, justice and peace, etc.) and in many places - in states from New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut to Peru and Honduras! We value DOMINICAN APOSTOLIC LIFE - Prayer, Community, Ministry and Study. We emphasize these elements of our Dominican charism: a bold missionary spirit, a commitment to prayer both liturgical and personal, creativity in response to the needs of the people of God, interdependence, a commitment to the principles of justice and collaboration.


Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin

Contact: Vocation Director

E-mail Address: member@sinsinawa.org

Web Site: www.sinsinawa.org


Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, New York

Contact: Sister Madeline Murphy, OP

E-mail Address: mcburke3@juno.com

Web Site: www.sparkill.org


Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM)

Contact: Vocation Director

Phone Number: (845) 677-6739

E-mail Address: fmmcom@aol.com

Web Site: www.fmmusa.org

Description: Medical, educational, social and pastoral work, and special ministries among the poor and marginalized in 76 countries throughout the world.


Franciscan Sisters of Allegeny

Contact: Sr. Mary McNally, OSF

Phone Number: 727-825-1640

E-mail Address: fsavoc@aol.com

Web Site: www.AlleganyFranciscans.org

Description: Founded in Allegany, NY in 1859, we minister along the East Coast of the US, as well as Jamaica, Brazil and Bolivia. Following in the spirit of St. Francis, we are a community of women committed to living the Gospel in today's world. Supporting each other in prayer and community, together we use our varied gifts and talents to care for God's people. We are involved in education, health care, social work, parish, retreat and spiritual ministries, as well as caring for the homeless, and addressing justice, peace and environmental issues. As Jesus and Francis did, our mission is to be and to witness. In the Diocese of St. Petersburg, we minister at St. Joseph's Hospital; St. Anthony's Hospital; the Franciscan Center; the parishes of St. Paul (St. Petersburg), St. Joseph, St. Mary, and St. Justin Martryr; John Know Village; and Daystar, among others."


Franciscan Sisters of Saint Elizabeth (FSSE)

Contact: Sister Cathy Lynn, FSSE

Phone Number: (973) 539-3857

Email Address: sr_cathylynn@yahoo.com

Web Site: www.franciscansisters.com

Description: Founded in Naples, Italy by Blessed Ludovico of Casoria, in 1862.Our Sisters serve Christ in the person of the poor in schools, early childhood care, special education, Montessori education, homes for the sick, disabled and elderly, parish work and evangelization. We are actively serving God in Italy, the United States, Panama, India, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.


Medical Mission Sisters (MMS)

Contact: Sister Edna Villfuerte, MMS

Phone Number: (215) 742-6100

E-mail Address: ednavmms@juno.com

Web Site: www.medicalmissionsisters.org

Description: Medical Mission Sisters were founded by Dr. Anna Dengel in 1925 in Washington, DC to bring medical assistance to Muslim women and children in what is today Pakistan. Today we are around 700 sisters of 22 nationalities engaged in mission in 20 countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America. We are women called to be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world who commit themselves to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life, to seek to preserve the integrity of life and to act in the movement of empowerment of those made poor and those who are oppressed, weaving care and compassion into the web of life. Our apostolic works include all facets of healing - medical care, holistic health, public health, AIDS, substance abuse rehabilitation, community development, social work, pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance; ministries through art and music, education & research, women's issues, peace & justice advocacy, working for system's change.


Salesian Sisters (Daughters of Mary Help of Christians) (FMA)

Contact: Sister Colleen Clair, FMA

Phone Number: (973) 790-4408

E-mail Address: happynun@yahoo.com

Web Site: www.salesiansisters.org

Description: The Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco are an international congregation of Sisters who specialize in youth ministry in all its forms. There are over 15,000 Salesian Sisters throughout the world. We were founded by St. John Bosco and St. Mary Mazzarello in 1872 to minister to young people especially the poorest. We are found in the midst of young people, educating them, caring for them, welcoming and praying for them. Above all we want to be for them the "sign and bearers of God’s love." We are represented in New Jersey, Alabama, New York, and Florida.


School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND)

Contact: Sister Marcie Solms, SSND

Phone Number: (410) 377-5179

E-mail Address: ssndsisters@juno.com

Web Site: www.ssnd.org

Description: The School Sisters of Notre Dame, an international congregation, are committed to serving God and God's people in order to bring Jesus' message of love and unity to the world. As women religious, we value prayer and faith sharing and a joy-filled community life that calls us to be "of one mind and one heart." Today, 5000 School Sisters of Notre Dame serve in over 30 countries on 5 continents; SSNDs have ministered in Florida for over 50 years. We believe that our international network gives us a unique global perspective as we address, through various ministries, the urgent needs of our time, particularly those of women, youth and persons who are poor."


School Sisters of St. Francis (SSSF)

Contact: Sister Mary Ann Meyerr, SSSF

Phone Number: (414) 385-5253

E-mail Address: cmyskow@sssf.org

Web Site: www.sssf.org

Description: Education, health care, pastoral ministry, social service, the arts, and institutional sponsorship.


Servants of Mary (OSM) (Servites)

Contact: Sr. Bonnie Alho, OSM

Phone Number: (715) 234-2032

E-mail Address: vocations@servitesisters.org

Web Site: www.servitesisters.org

Description: The Sisters, Servants of Mary, Ladysmith, Wisconsin were founded in 1912 to serve the urgent needs of the people of northern Wisconsin, and other locations in the USA. Their mission, to be compassionately present in people's lives, as Mary did, is lived out as they stand with the oppressed and exploited, for the dignity of women and children, and for life and against violence. They act out their charism and its values of discipleship, community and compassion in their varied ministries of education, healthcare, parish ministry, justice and peace pursuits, community projects and worship. This community is open to applicants of 21-50 years of age, diverse cultures, single, widowed or divorced without parental responsibilities.


Sisters of Charity (SC)

Contact: Sister Janet Gildea, SC

Phone Number: (513) 535-1624 or (915) 525-5882

E-mail Address: janetsc@juno.com

Web Site: www.srcharitycinti.org

Description: The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati is an apostolic Catholic women’s religious community that exists to carry out the Gospel of Jesus Christ through service and prayer in the world. Sisters using their professional talents as ministers of education, health care and social services, currently live and minister in 43 U.S. dioceses and three foreign countries. They also sponsor institutions to address education, health care and social service needs, with particular concern for direct service to the poor. More than 600 Sisters are joined in their mission by more than 100 Associates.


Sisters of the Holy Cross (CSC)

Contact: Sister Margaret Mary Lavonis, CSC

Phone Number: (574))284-5356

E-mail Address: mlavonis@cscsisters.org

Web Site: www.cscsisters.org

Description: Education, health care, parish ministry, retreats, social service,serving as principals, teachers, librarians in diocesan/parish schools, pastoral ministry, DREs, hospital ministry, social workers, etc.


Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM)

Contact: Sister Vocation Director

Address: 1061 New Scotland Avenue Albany, NY 12208

Phone Number: (518) 489-5469

E-mail: bpavlic@snjmny.org

Web Site: www.snjm.org

Description: Elementary, high school, college teachers, religious education, parish ministry to the elderly, pastoral work, counseling, health care, ministry to migrants and the poor.


Sisters/Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) [PA]

Contact: Sister Rosemarie Mozzachio, IHM

Phone Number: (717)_346-5413

E-mail Address: harkir@sistersofihm.org

Web Site: www.marywood.edu/www2/ihmpage/

Description: The Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an institute of women religious based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dedicated to proclaiming the redeeming love of God and bettering the world for all people, our members work in education, health-care and pastoral and social services. Our outreach extends throughout the United States and to South America. By working together, living in community and dedicating our lives to God through prayer, we strive to bring a hope-filled message of justice, peace and love to all people.


Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) [MI]

Contact: Sister M. Corita Lear, IHM

Phone Number: 727-544- 0985

E-mail: srmcorita@hotmail.com

Web Site: www.ihmsisters.org

Description: Sister Servants ofthe Immaculate Heart of Mary founded in Monroe, Michigan in 1845 whose main mission was teaching branched out into other ministries after Vatican II. Under the Bishops we were separated into separate congregations: one in Michigan and two in Pennsylvania. Each has their Papal approbation now and have spread to many states and countries. We have close contacts with each other now. More information can be found found the website.


Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (RSM)

Description: Education, health care, pastoral and social work, religious education, serving the poor, the sick and the uneducated in today’s world.

Web Site: www.sistersofmercy.org


Sisters of Notre Dame (SND)

Contact: Sister Mary Patricia Dorobek, SND

Phone Number: (419) 474-5485 ext. 2204

E-mail Address: pdorobek@yahoo.com

Web Site: www.snd1.org

Description: Education, parish ministry, spiritual development, pastoral care, community service and other educationally related ministries.


Sisters of Notre Dame (Chardon, Ohio Province)

Contact: Sister Mary Patricia Sylvester, SND

Phone Number: (440) 243-4465

E-mail Address: sndassociates@ndec.org

Web Site: www.snd1.org

Description: We devote ourselves to serve the people of God in education and other ministries in which we place special emphasis on catechesis, respond to the needs of the times, and give preferential love to the poor. Our spirit of joyful simplicity, the living expression of our charism, grows out of a deep faith and confidence in God to whom we are able to abandon ourselves completely. Our charism is expressed as a deep experience of God's goodness and provident care. It leads us to turn to God in joy and simplicity and impels us to live the goodness of God.


Sisters of Providence (SP)

Contact: Sister Jenny Howard, SP

Phone Number: (800) 860-1840 Ext. 257

E-mail Address:jhoward@spsmw.org

Web Site: www.sistersofprovidence.org

Description: The Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods are women of faith committed to effecting positive change in the world. Congregation members minister to God's people through works of love, mercy and justice. The Sisters of Providence focus on "Breaking boundaries, and creating hope."

Sisters of St. Chretienne (SSCh)

Contact: Sister Lisette Michaub, SSCh

Phone Number: (508) 384-8066

E-mail Address: vocationdirector@sistersofstchretienne.org

Web Site: www.sistersofstchretienne.org

Description: Teaching, nursing, pastoral ministry, foreign missions, retreats, spiritual direction.


Sisters of St. Clare (OSC)

Contact: Sister Phyllis Shaughnessy, OSC

Phone Number: (727) 726-8477

E-mail Address: spsosc1253@aol.com

Description: We are the Irish Poor Clare’s with roots back to Eleventh Century Assisi. At the Reformation, our monasteries in Ireland were disbanded by force. In 1629, a new group formed in secret. After the relaxation of the Penal Laws, the sisters emerged anew and were given permission to help with the children who had been orphaned because of the penal laws, and released from enclosure. We are now in Ireland, England, Wales, Albania, North America (Florida and California), El Salvador and Guatemala. Our early history has helped us to learn from Saints Francis and Clare, the ministry of presence. It is not what we do, but who we are. Often we find ourselves called to areas of great conflict, where regular ministry comes almost to a standstill or where we need to live in a state of emergency. Being a Clare means trying to bring God’s presence to whatever situation may arise. It is trying each day to come to know God a little more and follow Him a little more closely. It is the balancing of community, contemplation, and Apostate. It is to become whole in a broken world and in the process, try and bring wholeness to others.


Sisters of St. Francis of the Third Order

Contact: Sister Jeanne Karp, OSF

Phone Number: 315-472-0952

Email: yesGodislove@juno.com

Web Sites: www.wmsvlfranciscans.org and www.osfsyr.org

Description: Spirit-led women called to live the Gospel way of life within a Franciscan community which is continually unfolding in prayer and responsive action. We help meet the needs of our world by being engaged in: ecology and environment issues, service projects, Franciscan Spirituality, health care, education, retreats, pastoral care, adult and child day care, home for the dying and social services. We serve in 3 Countries, the USA, Kenya, and Peru, and 12 States, California, Washington, DC, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia.


Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine (SSJ)

Contact: Sr. Kathleen Power, SSJ

Phone Number: (904) 610-9228

E-mail Address: ssjflvocations@bellsouth.net

Web Site:www.ssjfl.org

Description: We are a Religious Congregation of Catholic women called to live the Gospel of Union and Reconciliation in the context of our humanity and our times. For us, service means a consistent effort to promote UNION among our neighbors and with God. In whatever form we minister, we find ourselves called to be healers in situations of pain, ignorance, and dissension. We invite you to come with your unique talents to work with us to heal a world so in need of reconciliation.


Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary (VHM)

Contact: Sister Mary Grace Flynn, VHM

Phone Number: (304) 232-1283

E-mail Address: sccbrady@visitation.com

Web Site: www.visitationmonastery.org/stlouis

Description: Prayer and educational ministries of various forms with a variety of people.